Rock Candy Xbox 360 Controller fix

This post will guide those with windows computers whos’ 3rd party controllers are not cooperating with the drivers, These instructions work on a Rock Candy 360 Controller. All others it should work but we don’t know.
Now if your 3rd party Wired Xbox controller is not being fully detected by windows and you have tried the drivers etc. and still no working result. Then the following may help.

  • Download the Microsoft Xbox Accessories Driver from Microsoft.
  • Download and Install WinZip.

2:    Unpack the Microsoft Xbox Accessories Pack Execution File to a temporary Location Using WinZip (Should be able to right click on the file and click extract to…)

3: Now Open Device manager (Right Click on Computer in Start Menu and Click Manage, Device manager will be on the left under System Tools).


  • Now Plug in your control and wait for it to appear in device manager (normally under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, Mind you it might be under human Interface devices).
  • Right Click on the control and click Properties and click the Details Tab.
  • In the properties dropdown box select Hardware ids.


  • Now Two sets of numbers would appear we are after the set that does not contain the REV, but if that is the only one you have it should be fine to select it.
  • Once you click on the appropriate id copy the number to clip board (Hold down the CTRL button then tap the C button while doing so.)

6:   Now go to the folder where you unpacked the Microsoft Accessories Pack And follow this path “Xbox360\setup64\files\driver\win7\” now setup64 might be setup86 depending on your system setup and there is a choice between operating systems either vista or win 7 so pick the appropriate folder.

  • Now this is the driver path and you should see a file called xusb21.inf open this file with notepad.
  • Now you should see somewhere near the top of this document “Supports the following Devices” and under that heading Wired common controller and next to it a hardware id.
    We want to search this entire file for that id and replace it with the one we copied from our control.
  • Click Edit in the Menu and go down and click replace, Type in the Hardware id next to Wired Common Controller in the Find what box it should start with USB\VID.
  • In the Replace with box Hold CTRL and tap P this should paste the hardware ID that we copied from our control.
  • Once you have entered these details click Replace all, once done close and save the document.


  • Now go back to the properties of your control from device manager.
  • In the Driver Tab Click update Driver, Click Browse My Computer for Driver Software.
  • In the Search for Driver Software in This location Enter the path where the xusb21.inf file is then click next.

9:   The Driver should now install with no problems, what we did by changing the ids was tell windows that this software is for our hardware device and to use it.


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